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About us.

At Gail McPake Consulting, we are People Experts, we specialise in leadership and people development, and our aim is to provide a toolkit that will enable your people to be the best version of themselves every single day.

We want everyone to have the confidence to be successful in their role. Our programmes are tailored specifically to your business needs and we will equip your people with the skills and knowledge they need to show up with confidence, get the best out of their teams and deliver for your business.

Our 3 Signature Programmes:

  • Leading Yourself to Lead Others
  • Building a Super Team
  • Proactive Well-being & Personal Resilience

We also offer residential Corporate Retreats at Ardmay House on the banks of Loch Long in collaboration with Performance Breathworks this is a fully immersive experience and can be tailored to suit your business needs. Get in touch to find out more and check availability.

Coming soon -We’re developing a 4th Signature Programme, designed for graduates and focused on setting them up for success at the start of their careers.

Our programmes are bespoke and designed around the needs of the businesses we work with, these are designed around a core theme, that everything starts with SELF.

Self-awareness is absolutely key whether you are a leader, part of a team or looking for tools to improve your mental health to mental wealth. We believe that when people are supported and encouraged to be the best version of themselves they go on to be their absolute best.

We work with a team of freelance coaches who support all our programmes, helping to embed learning, and remove any obstacles standing in the way of your people becoming the best version of themselves.

In addition, we offer HR support services for small businesses with an emphasis on building HR capability to enable leaders to become more confident and self-sufficient.

What We Can Do For You

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3 Signature Programmes


Building teams

Proactive well-being & resilience

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Graduate Programmes

Set your graduates up for success at the start of their career and measure their progress

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Corporate Retreats

Fully immersive programmes combining bespoke content and performance breathwork

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Building HR Capability

Set your small business up for success with effective people plans, with the aim to build capability to implement them.

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Bespoke Programmes

Design and delivery of workshops and programmes to suit the needs of your business e.g. communicating with impact, courageous conversations, resilience for teens and dealing with conflict.

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Light up your learning! Modular approach to learning key skills to help you enhance your self awareness and be the best version of you at work. More than 40 modules to choose from.

Why Us

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We work with you to tailor the best solutions for your business and your people.

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We have worked in the HR profession for over 20 years and at senior leader level. We understand the challenges you face.

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Emotional Intelligence - EQ



We have high EQ so understand people really well and what they need to thrive

We always start with SELF!

The best leaders are self aware ones so we get you to look in before you look out.


Leading results

Gail adds value to all leadership, graduate and resilience programmes she designs and delivers for us.

Anita Douglas, Owner


Gail’s engaging personality gives her a unique way of connecting with everyone in the room

Lorna Bains, Owner


Gail is an exceptional facilitator who has a way of getting the best out of people by building rapport and encouraging thoughtful conversation.

Fiona McKinnon, Founder

performance breathworks

It was a real pleasure to work with Gail. She has an excellent energy that shines throughout her work. I am really looking forward to working with her again.

Andrew Ritchie, Owner


Gail understands business leaders and how to help them excel both

personally and through their teams.

Matt Gilham, Director


Gail has a passion for people and is translated in the work she does for us

Julie McCann, CEO


Gail’s experience shines through in the leadership programmes she delivers for us

Anne-Marie Hamill, Owner

IMperium hr

I love working and collaborating with Gail, she has first class knowledge on all things leadership and resilience and I’m proud to be able to recommend her to anyone looking for first class training

Ashleigh Marie Esdale , Owner

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Let us help you.

Check us out on LinkedIn or Instagram or get in touch by email to find out more about our programmes and services. Let's arrange a virtual chat to discuss your needs more.

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